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The E-waste Race

Have fun and learn about the importance of recycling old electronics!

Everyone has old electronics lying around. An old mobile phone or laptop, broken laptop or alarm clock. Yet it is always a problem to dispose or recycle these electronic devices, also known as e-waste.

The E-waste Race is a competition between schools in a region to collect as much electronic waste as possible from people in the neighborhood. During an E-waste Race, local residents can register their electronic waste lying around on this website. Students and local residents then make an appointment to have the waste collected from their home. Upon collection of the e-waste, the school scores points which are tallied within our platform. After four weeks, the winner will be announced who will win a great school trip. The E-waste race makes collecting electronic waste fun, educational and easy!

View the results of previous E-waste Races here and watch our videos here.



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I have e-waste at home, how do I get rid of it?

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