Our team


Timmy de Vos | Initiator of the E-waste Race
"Electronics are an integral part of our daily lives. Just think of the mobile phone in your pocket or the computer you need for work. Hoewever, behind this beautiful technology is a whole world. The mining of raw materials has enormous consequences for people and the environment. Raw materials are running out and often come from conflict areas or are extracted from the ground under appalling conditions. At the same time, enormous mountains of electronics are left in people's homes, end up in rubbish containers or even end up in dumping grounds in developing countries. As a sustainable entrepreneur, I think it's a wonderful challenge to raise awareness and to bring raw materials from kitchen drawers and attics back into circulation! This is how the idea for the E-waste Race was born in 2013."

Nando Zwambag | Projectmanager of the E-waste Race
“During my studies as a second grade geography teacher, I experienced that there is (still) too little attention for raw material scarcity within education. I found this incomprehensible, because we know that in the near future these children will be confronted with the consequences of the finiteness of raw materials. With the E-waste Race, we want to give children the opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable world. Apart from raising awareness about E-waste issues, together we collect a huge amount of these recyclable appliances. In this way, I am helping to make the world a little bit nicer together with many enthusiastic children and colleagues."

Pepijn Rademakers | Projectmanager of the E-waste Race
"My passion for organising, teaching and contributing to the world is combined in this work! After my studies as a primary school teacher, I looked for a job that suited my background, my vision of the world and my hobbies. All this comes together in my work as project manager for the E-waste Race. Let's make the world a little more beautiful together!" 
Louke Kreemers | Projectmanager of the E-waste Race
"In the past two years, I have seen many beautiful places in the world. I realised that we are not so careful with our earth at the moment and that we can do a lot more in the field of sustainability and recycling. During my journalism studies, I worked on a children's programme about sustainability and science. I really enjoyed telling children about these topics and saw that children also think seriously about themes such as sustainability. That is why I am glad that I can tell children about these topics at the E-waste Race and make the world a little nicer together!''
Jan van den Heuvel | E-waste Race ambassador
"I am crazy about all kinds of gadgets. Crazy about my iPad, crazy about my new Samsung phone and about my Chromecast. Very nice, but they are all electronics of course. And what do I do with them when I replace them? That is why I like the idea of a project like the E-waste Race! It's great to draw attention to the recycling of electronic equipment in this way! I am happy to be an ambassador for this project!"

Jan Rotmans | Ambassador E-waste Race
"Jan Rotmans is professor of Transitions at TU Delft and an international authority on transitions and sustainability. Our initiator Timmy got a lot of inspiration from Jan's books during his study of innovation sciences. He is the founder of ICIS, DRIFT, Urgenda and Nederland Kantelt. He not only researches the tilting of society, but also tries to actively contribute to it. And that is exactly where Jan Rotmans and the E-waste race meet: positive action for a sustainable world!"